Wines of USA Masterclass in the Conservatory at Mitton Hall.

Mitton Hall
Mitton Hall

The Whalley Wine Shop is delighted to announce that we will be holding a Wines of USA Masterclass in the Conservatory at Mitton Hall. The date is Wednesday 13th May, the time is 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

The event will be hosted by Rob MacCulloch, a Master of Wine, whose dissertation focussed on the wines of the USA and in particular Zinfandel.

Those who attend will enjoy a glass of fizz on arrival followed by a tasting of the following wines…

3 Whites:

  • Domaine de la Terre Rouge Roussanne 2009
  • Nalle Hopkins Ranch Russian River Reserve Chardonnay 2011
  • Domaine de la Terre Rouge Fiddletown Viognier 2010

5 Reds:

  • Easton Amador County Zinfandel 2012
  •  Nalle Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 2012
  •  Domaine de la Terre Rouge Côtes de l’Ouest Syrah 2010
  • Easton Cabernet Franc 2012, Monarch Mine Vineyard
  • Domaine de la Terre Rouge Tete-a-Tete 2011 (45% Mourvédre, 28% Syrah, 27% Grenache)

The tasting will conclude with a cheese board to enjoy with your remaining wine.

Tickets are £20 each. To book please call the shop on 01254 822581 or email

Tom completes the Marathon Des Sables in 466th place out of 1358 competitors.


Here are the final e-mail updates from Tom in the Sahara Desert, after completing  the last stage.

Hi, it’s done. It’s finally done!

I went hard for the run today, I didn’t want to come back thinking I could have done more. Today was an exact Marathon, 42.2km. Ran everything apart from 5km of soft dunes. Smashed it in 5hr 50mins, 417th position today & think my final place is 466th. I cant believe I’m in the top 500, there are some serious runners here, I am punching well above my experience & ability. Just a stubborn litle bugger I suppose! So pleased its done, the whole tent made it round so the atmosphere is great.
We have a concert tonight & the atmosphere at the line cheering everyone in is great. I cant wait to be home now & see everyone. Looking forward to normal life again! Hawksmoor on Mon, free corkage, bring Magnums! Comte sounds great! 

Part 2! Hope the shop is good, thanks to all the guys for looking after it. Had some great emails from loads of people, cant say thanks to any individually, but thanks to everyone for the support and the well wishes, it really is a highlight of the day to get stuff from home.

We have to do this 11km fun run for charity tomorrow, it’s not part of the race, but we have to do it. Cannot wait to hit the hotel & get some proper food! Wind howling last night, blew the tent down, my sleeping mat has a slow puncture so only got about 5 hours sleep! Smashed the last days marathon in 5hrs50 though…!

Head a bit frazzled. Speak tomorrow night when I get my phone back! Have a good night, call tomorrow! Tom.phoca_thumb_m__sam0194_bassedef phoca_thumb_m_etapecharity-campagnie-mds2015-copyright-13_bassedef phoca_thumb_m__sam0410_bassedef phoca_thumb_m_etape5-campagnie-mds2015-copyright-9_bassedef phoca_thumb_m_etape5-campagnie-mds2015-copyright-8_bassedef phoca_thumb_m_etape5-campagnie-mds2015-hd-41 phoca_thumb_m_etapecharity-campagnie-mds2015-copyright-12_bassedef

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