Todays newsletter – ‘Wine royalty’, free beer, and chocolate made for wine! April ’14


WINE TASTING – On the 13th May we are delighted to have Anne Trimbach of the world famous Trimbach Family from the Alsace joining us at the newly renovated Mitton Hall conservatory for a masterclass wine tasting of Trimbach Wines.


'Wine Royalty' visits Whalley on May 13th!
‘Wine Royalty’ visits Whalley on May 13th!

This is a rare treat to sample some of the finest wines from Alsace whilst welcoming Anne to talk us through the tasting of the wines, their production and the history of Trimbach. For almost four centuries, the Trimbach Family has produced award winning wines from its exceptional terroirs in the Alsace, France. Come along and meet the undisputed masters of “style Trimbach” a world reference among Alsace Wine, and taste some amazing wines! The tasting is on Tuesday May 13th, it’s at Mitton Hall’s newly refurbished conservatory, a 7pm arrival for a 7.30pm start. The cost is £20 per person and there are only 50 tickets available for the event. To reserve your place please call the shop on 01254 822581.

FREE BOTTLE OF BEER! – Today is World Malbec Day so, as Malbec is increasingly celebrated as an Argentine varietal wine, we will be offering a free 330ml bottle of Quilmes Argentinian Beer with every bottle of Argentinian Malbec sold today! Free beer, what’s not to like!

MUSIC FESTIVALS IN THE RIBBLE VALLEY – We like to support and help out with local events in the Ribble Valley, so we are now selling tickets for both the Ribchester Festival of Music and Art and the Middle Earth Beer Festival in Hurst Green so if you’d like to get tickets for either of these events then please do call in to the shop.

Brix Chocolate, the perfect chocolate to enjoy with wine!
Brix Chocolate, the perfect chocolate to enjoy with wine!

CHOCOLATE MADE FOR WINE – If you want to give something a little more sophisticated than a Cadburys Easter egg this year, we have the perfect ‘grown up’ solution! It’s the absolutely delicious ‘Brix Chocolate for Wine’. A stunning range of chocolates designed specifically to pair with different wines! Our extensive research(!) on this product certainly testifies to its quality! We have the 6oz and 3oz blocks in 4 different styles and also the beautiful gift box collection with a 4oz block of each at just £14.99. AND WHAT’S MORE…we will have some samples available for customers to taste all weekend!

We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter, and if you are in Whalley, don’t forget to pop in and say hello.


Tom, Dan, Matt and Jen


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