Update and Images from Tom’s attempt at the Marathon des Sables – Day 2.

Tom is currently in the Sahara Desert running the infamous Marathon Des Sables – 156 miles in 6 days – in heat approaching 50 degrees.

He has completed the first two days of the race. 36.5 km yesterday and 31.1 km today. There are 1358 competitors in the race and Tom is currently in 618th position.

In terms of communication, Tom can send out one e-mail a day, but he can receive many. If you want to send Tom a message while he is out in the dessert, go to the main website for the race, (it’s amazing and has live tracking and live webcam etc) on this link..   http://www.marathondessables.com/en/   and there you will find  a button  saying ‘write to a competitor’ . Tom’s number is 0341 – JONES Thomas.

This is what he had to say yesterday….  
Finished the 1st day & back at camp! Fri was all travelling, Sat was mostly admin & going through the pack to lose weight…11kgwhen they weighed it! got down to 9.5 by losing some food, going to cut more tonight as had plenty today. Adam struggling with Achilles so we walked most. 36.5km total, a little frustrated I coudn’t run more but probably a good thing as got back with no problems and legs feel good for tomorrow. 31.1km tomorrow but tough dunes and the big Jebel, they are making us do it twice this year! Waking up at about 5.30am(!) going to bed at bout 9 so a bit unusual for me, ear plugs work a treat  though!

and todays message is just in…

Hi, 2nd day done & dusted! Hope you got my email yesterday,when I got back to the tent I got yours which was just great to get. Set off today and decided I needed to do some running, Adam’s achilles not great & he also has bad blisters developing so wanted to walk. I felt bad but had to leave him right at the start & run my own race today, I don’t want to get back having walked most of it. Not going to bore you with all the details but had a good day, ran a good part of it, 2 big Jebels, didn’t like the first smaller one because we were going quite quickly, 2nd one not too bad. Liked the downhill and the sanddunes which no one else seemed to like. Touch wood my feet are fine,no blisters yet & legs feel good. Annoyingly though the heel on my shoe has come off! Not affected me today but no idea what happens if it completely falls apart. Im 618th at moment!

Tom’s fundraising is going well too. He has already met his just giving target.  Should you want to support Tom and his charities please check out his just giving page at http://www.justgiving.com/teams/tomjonesmds or text 70070 and put TMDS85 and the amount of your donation. Thank you.

Here are some images  of the race…

phoca_thumb_l_etape1 e sampers mds2015 copy-0896_800x600 phoca_thumb_l_etape1 e sampers mds2015 copy-0837_800x600 phoca_thumb_l__mg_6671_800x600 phoca_thumb_l_etape1 e sampers mds2015 copy-0125_800x600 phoca_thumb_m_etape2-campagnie-mds2015-copyright-10_800x600


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