How many reds can you sink in 60 seconds?

You might be excused thinking the above headline relates to some extreme drinking challenge, however it’s part of the Snooker Challenge we have in store at the moment, where we’re having a bit of fun, raising money for a worthwhile charity and giving you the opportunity to win some fab prizes.


We have installed a baby snooker table in the centre of the shop, and are asking customers to have a go and see how many reds they can pot in 6o seconds! And at the end of the competition, these are the prizes that will be won…

  • First Prize – A pair of tickets to the UK Snooker Championships in York, plus a bottle of Champagne
  • Second Prize – A signed Steve Davis snooker cue, plus a bottle of wine
  • Third Prize – A signed John Virgo waistcoat, plus a bottle of wine.
  • Special Prize – Everyone who pots the maximum of 8 reds in 60 seconds will win a bottle of wine.


Our chosen charity is Crohn’s & Colitis UK, and the prizes have been donated by The Paul Hunter Foundation who as snooker fans will know died of bowel cancer at the age of 27.

We are also ‘raffling off’ the baby snooker table, plus two cues both signed by Steve Davis, a set of balls and a bottle of Champagne. Tickets are £5, with all proceeds going to the charity, and we are only selling 100, so you have a good chance of winning!


Do come in and have a go at potting some reds, take part in our raffle, and while you’re in why not sink a glass of red or white wine too!



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