Fine Wines

The Whalley Wine Shop stocks an exciting range of wines in the £5 to £20 price range with a good selection above that price. We will continually striving to excite, inspire, and broaden our offering with an expansive collection of fine wines.  We aim to stock a large proportion of wines that you won’t be able to buy at other wine retailers, as well as some ‘icon’ wines which have been recognised with top awards, wines from some of the most respected and talented producers in the World, and wines which we simply love to bits!

We  scour the world to bring the finest wines to Whalley. Lovers of Spanish and Italian wines are in for a treat as national specialists have been recruited to source some of the best examples from exciting new regions, as well as the traditional favourites. Our New World Wines range features top wines from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Argentina. We love wines from California, and from Chile, in fact from all over!! We have over 1000 different wines in-store, so do come in and browse… and we’ve always got a bottle open for you to have a slurp while you’re in…!

We also have a unique ‘by the glass’ tasting service where you can buy a glass of wine to sample and enjoy in the shop. More details on this link…


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