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New Craft Beers Land at The Whalley Wine Shop!

New Craft Beers Land at The Whalley Wine Shop!


We have gone beer bonkers! We’ve always loved our range of real ales but we thought it was time for a revamp. Alongside our trusted Local Breweries including Three Bees, Banktop and Naylors we now have a range of nationwide craft breweries which just look awesome! Have a peek:


The Liverpool Craft Beer Co.

photo 1











The Ticketybrew Company, Manchester

photo 2










Beavertown Brewery, London

photo 3












The Kernel Brewery, London

photo 5









Camden Town Brewery, London

photo (5)











Rocky Head Brewery, London

photo (7)











And an International addition… Hitachino Nest Beer, Japan (Jen’s new favourite!)

photo 4












Pop in and we’re sure you’ll find something new to try!


Crafty Dan beers now available at Whalley Wine Shop.

We are delighted to feature the new range of beers from Daniel Thwaites micro-brewery Crafty Dan

The beers are individually created by Thwaites brewers in Crafty Dan, their 20-barrel innovative micro-brewery and they are based on some of Thwaites favourite recipes bringing you a repertoire of ales that suit every season and occasion. Crafty Dan specialises in brewing distinctive, individual beers and trialling new recipes, all created by their expert brewers.

The three beers are called 13 GUNS , TRIPLE C and BIG BEN. This is what Thwaites have to say about them……..

13 Guns 5_01

13 Guns 5.5%  – Intensely hoppy, rich mouthfeel, malty flavourswith soft tropical fruit aroma and taste. Originally brewed for July 4th this is a salute to the original 13 states of America. The bold flavours of this American IPA capture the pioneering spirit of those early years. A perfect match for curry! The intense, piney and tropical flavours blend well with mixed spicy dishes!

Triple C 5_01

Triple C  5.3% –  A full smooth and balanced beer with an intense citrus hop aroma. Not surprisingly its about 3’s and C’s. Chinook, Citra and Centennial have been added at all 3 stages of the brewing process to give this delightful, thirst quenching golden ale it’s intense citrus flavours. The citrus and slightly bitter flavours balance the smoothness of a creamy cheese.

Big Ben 5_01

Big Ben 5.8% – Strong hop aroma on a sweet brown ale with a long bitter-sweet finish. A timely hoppy resonance rings through this powerful English Brown Ale so what better name than Big Ben. Though often mistaken for the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben is actually the name of the Great Bell. The full and bittersweet flavours are a great match with grilled red meats.

These beers are available now at The Whalley Wine Shop at £1.85 a bottle or any 3 for £4.50.